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The-Sunshine-Delay-2-1Posted this cracking review by Alena Yakushova on Facebook, where she writes up our 17/11/16 gig at the Voodoo Rooms, opening for Carrie Rodriguez, but forgot to share it with you all here! So here it is and thank you Alena – glad we hit the spot!

Live Review: Carrie Rodriguez, Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh 17.11.16

The Ballroom at The Voodoo Rooms is an intriguing venue. Black curtains all around with fairy lights like twinkling stars, palace style decorations on the ceiling and a huge mirror ball in the middle. Beautiful and charming – and that would prove to be the feeling of the whole night!

Starting with The Sunshine Delay, the wonderful foursome based in Edinburgh, well known for their quality Americana.

They play a number of songs, old and new, original and covers (including Tom T. Halls’ ‘That’s How I Got to Memphis’). ‘Sex, Drugs, Rock’n’Roll’ from their debut 2004 album ‘Outrageous Expectations’ is a thoughtful reflection on one’s youth. ‘Love Is’, a song ‘written in the deep snow of Chicago’, released in 2011 as part of ‘Keep it Together’ album, comes off as a beautiful country song with a relatable chorus of “Love is the last thing on my mind”.  The last song played, fittingly named ‘Leaving Song’, is a callback to old school country which the crowd seemed to appreciate.

The-Sunshine-Delay-1The energy of the band is what I would call ‘a grown-up enthusiasm’ and I think that works well with the country genre. There is no doubt about their level of expertise. In a number of impressive solos, Iain Barbour demonstrates his guitar skills, while David McKee holds up the fort for the bass part. Paula McKee’s vocals are mature and indisputably lovely, fitting perfectly with the band’s image. Brendan O’Brien on the drums keeps the train of country awesomeness moving with his infectious enthusiasm, though within reason.

They have definitely warmed everyone up – I can’t stop stamping my foot and visualising saloon dancing. It seems that it isn’t gloomy Edinburgh outside, but blue sky and orange mountains of somewhere in America. I think that means that this country band has done their job extremely well.

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